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[MOC] Sci-fi Speeder by Pasq67

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For a small challenge organized by Alego’s  for French forum BrickPirate, to build sci-fi speeder using the rotor blade part 62743.
Here are my speeders : 
the Sci-Fi Speeder 1.0
the Sci-Fi Speeder 2.0
the Sci-Fi Speeder 3.0
the Sci-Fi Speeder 4.0
the Sci-Fi Speeder 5.0
the Sci-Fi Speeder 6.0
More photos on Flickr album
Edited by Pasq67

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I’ve been seeing these speeders on Flickr, they all have their specialities! I especially like the second ship because of the color choice and the curves, the third because of the great shaping and the fourth with the macaroni tubes and the 1x1 swirl pieces! Keep up the great work! :classic: :thumbup:

Any new speeders coming?

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I am making a cyberpunk version of NYC right now and this is a awesome collection of ships I may have flying above the building. Fantastic job!

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