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Self portrait

ORAKNUNKARO, I pronounced for the third time in a sequence, and with a whisper, a cold wind swept across the room.
The dim light of a candle danced and weakened, but survived to expose the blank pages of my unwritten book.

From the stillness of the fabric, a red drop tainted the empty surface from within. A spot became a puddle that turned into a lagoon of crimson velvet.
I glanced into the forming mirror, and from the other side, a lean figure stared back at me with empty eyes and a raw smile.

It didn’t say anything, but of course, it didn’t have to.
For those probing eyes that read my thoughts were none other than my own.


This is an entry for Week II of the Style it Up Contest by InnovaLug.
The proposition was to build something 100% symmetrical. I took this as another opportunity to build outside of my usual castle-medieval theme again. 

Also, make sure to check my other entries for this contest:
Week I: Stag in the Shadows
Week III: Self distancing countermeasures
Week IV: Yet to come

Hope you like it.
Let me know what you think.

Edited by Louis of Nutwood
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