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[MOC] The Greenville subway station

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Hi guys,

Here is another oneI haven't shared yet. Well it isn't exactly complete, but good enough to post I think. I know it lacks a roof and I actually wanted to add grafitti and lights. It is being scrapped, so I will not continue on it.

The Greenville subway station is a 1980's New York style subway station. I've mixed old and new white bricks to get the dirty tiled look on the walls, and besides that there's many hints that point out the 80's.

First up an overview, the D line train is just arriving.


The D line is an R34 car, man it is hard to make these boxy grey things look interesting. Here are some details:



In the left corner New York's finest is looking for a crook, on their own time off course. There's also a few rats in the corner that found their way to the trash. Speaking of trash, also note the track is pretty littered.


Next to that is a typical NYC wooden subway station bench, on it a hobo is drinking and we see some other characters.


Nex to that is the news stand and vending machines, I especially like the one with the cookies inside oh and the ghettoblaster is off course another real 80's gem :)


Next to that is another bench and a dude with the first portable phone! :-o


And at the far end we see a guy on a skateboard coming down the stairs, though this is still done, it was really big in the 80's. And at last we finally find our crook fleeing into the tunnel.


That's it! I hope you like it even when not done. Another one is coming..



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That’s brilliant.  Seems a shame to trash it.  It looks Perfect and I think with the roof you mentioned, and a street above it, it could be an amazing addition to a street scene.

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This is wonderful and immediately takes my thoughts back to NYC. I wish you wouldn't trash it. There are so many details that make this realistic.

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