[MOC] Republic UT-AT [LDD WIP]

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The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT) was a different type of Republic "walker" in that it made use of several repulsorlifts to move around. It was designed for terrain unsuitable for the stampeding legged vehicles such as the AT-TE.

"Tanks" such as this one always intrigue me and I recently started to design my own model after recently seeing Mangetsu's model again. His is the only minifig scale version I know of and I based my leg concept on his design.

The vehicle made a brief appearance in Episode III and there's limited material available about it - three pictures only. Fortunately, one of these is a front/side/top/bottom view which is essential to accurately model anything. I'm also using this plastic model as a reference, which provides some other angles not shown in the official pictures. The limited reference material is a (nice!) challenge but also allows for some freedom in the design. I'm building the model in 1:35, which allows for a proper interior to be included as well; the final length will be around 68 cm once built in real bricks.

Here's a first WIP picture. The parts you see laying around on the bottom are supposed to be included in the model, but LDD very often does not allow technic pin hole-system stud connections (as they are in theory "illegal", the height of a pin hole in a technic brick is a fraction of a mm higher than the side stud on system bricks, and this small difference often results in LDD seeing the connection as impossible)


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Thanks Mandalorianknight, I hope everything will fit together properly in the end. The legs are all angled so hopefully the springs will be able to support the weight without compressing too much.

Here's an update regarding the (probably) most complicated part of the build, the cockpit. Lost of tricky angles and connections but I think it turned out pretty nice. I will probably use some stickers to create the dark red frame on the windscreen pieces. Now to create the cockpit interior and somehow fitting two pilots in there... :laugh:



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