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So I've been wondering... Are here any MTG players? What other TCG do you guys play? YuGiOh? Keyforge? This topic is mainly Magic:The Gathering but other TCG are also welcome. 

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I played yeeeaaaars ago in the 90s and again in college in the 2000s. Still have some of my old cards back in my parent's house. Sadly, not quite old enough to be worth a lot. Right after all the first sets which are valued ridiculously.

It's good. I have no time for it. I eventually left it mainly because it's a VERY pay to win kind of game. And I was a poor student. I couldn't keep up with people who were less skilled and simply had more money than me. I still feel the same about TCGs actually even though I have money now. I dislike how they're designed to phase out the older cards and keep you coming back spending ridiculous sums to keep up. It -was- fun though. And at least in high school most people also didn't have money but by college some did and it was just impossible. I did really well for someone who had 1-5% the cards other people had and won tournaments but overall a lot of the time I lost it was because I couldn't afford the right cards, or often any cards at all. I was that guy playing with really old cards while others had new ones from the new sets.

Also I think MTG is an oooold game and there's better now. MTG is just big and will probably never die because it's good enough and has a huge following. For example I dislike MTG's mana system, and the fact that most high level games end up being a short race to the infinite combo or some ridiculous play. Some more modern TCGs have a better "mana" or resource system that doesn't sometimes rely on luck (we've all had those games where we just draw like no lands or mana cards), and also don't just become a ridiculous race to the ridiculous play that ends the game immediately. I mean, I'm guilty of those ridiculous plays. I had fun designing decks that would basically end the game in the weirdest and most unexpected ways possible (I had one deck that would make everything an artifact and also every turn return all artifacts to the enemy's hand, fun times. I mixed it up and made one for fun that did it to both players and just made it be a tie basically). But I'm not sure that makes for the best game design. I think I had the MOST fun in MTG when I was playing in High School and we were all dumb kids who barely knew how to play and would just slug monsters at each other and stuff. Felt more like an actual battle. Some modern TCGs focus on that kind of experience (with more strategy) than just that race to the infinite combo or giant 10000/10000 creature with trample/flying/whatever (it's been years, I can't remember) or whatever.


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