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So for about the past 5 or so years I've been trying to remember this old game that i used to play on around 10-15 years ago now and i just cant find any real information on it. Now that may be cause typing in random phrases and vague descriptions into google isnt exactly going to work. So i finally thought that my best bet would be to just go straight to a setting where there are people are more likely to remember and know something Lego related. Which led me here. Now with that out of the way onto the question.

The game im trying to remember was some form of online racing game on where you designed and ad modifications to a car to compete with one other opponent in a race where you had no real control (not sure on the control detail tbh) to see whose the first to cross the finish line. Theses modifications included different wheels and various trap/abilities such as spike strips and oil slicks that you could drop behind you vehicle. IIRC you raced through different biomes that would affect how your car raced and which traps were effective and not and towards the end of every race you leave the biome and enter into a stadium section  for the final stretch. There was also a rating/tier system where you would compete against opponents of similar skill level. I want to say that you were also in a clan/guild type of thing as well that you earned points towards or something. About the best i can think of for a name is something to do with Drome Racing but TBH im not really sure on the name of this online game.

Hope that ive given enough information to at least lead people down the right path to finally answering one of the oldest questions i have bouncing around in my head. Thanks.

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Hm. My best guess is LEGO 4x4 Extreme Rally for the online and customizable cars, though the online doesn't work for that one anymore so it's hard to say. The Lego World Racers game also has a mode where the cars accelerate by themselves so the player can focus on the combat, but that one doesn't have online support from what I can tell. Both the Drome Racer games appear to be basic racing games without any of the details you mentioned. There are a few other racing-related games I can't seem to find any info on, so it could be one of those too but honestly I doubt it.So yeah, hopefully this helps. If I find anything else I'll be sure to let you know :)

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