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Hi Everyone.

I want to show You my newset MOC, a european truck with dump trailer.

It's my secend truck with this type of trailer.



-Lenght: 58cm

-Height: 18cm

-Width: 14cm

-Weight: 2350grams




-Steered front axle

-Tilting cabin with openable door

-Fake 6 cylinder inline engine

-Manually operated 5th wheel

-Support foots intrailer

-Tilting bath

-Rear door in trailer with lock


A truck is propeled by L motor with 2.33:1 ratio.

Front wheels are steered by Servomotor

You can tilt cabin and get acces to batterybox and 6 cylinder engine.

5th wheel is operated manually.

Tilting mechanism in trailer is operated by linear long acctuator propeled by L motor with 1.66:1 ratio. Max load capacity is 800grams

Rear door has a special mechanism with lock.

Working supports in trailer propeled by M motor.

All motorized functions are controled by 2 IR receivers.



In cabin is interior with some details like seats and dashboard.

All functions working good and smoth. I'm very glad of this creation.

I'm waiting for your comments :)





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Very nice, clean model. I love that automatic lock in the dumper :wub:. Is there an internal mechanism as well to operate it?

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