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Black And Orange Space Fleet Rebuild [Ongoing]

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Here's a quick peak at the status of my Black and orange fleet.




The Twin Starfire(1499) was a particularly Painful rebuild, with the cockpit bays needing to be built from scratch, and my insistence on rebuilding the engine and tail section to get actual available colors. I kicked around some other cockpit glass shapes, but stuck with the original octagon, though the black transparent piece only comes with an axel hole... so I stuck "caps" on top of em to ensure the vacuum seal.  :)

Also my insistence on the Orange motorcycle helmets for my crew has led to most of the cockpits needing to be a plate deeper for helmet clearance.


928 or perhaps the weird (and spectacularly silly looking) "supermodel" 1593 Might be the next additions to my fleet. If you have a one you would like to see me attempt, let me know.





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Wow, I really like the Twin Starfire in black/orange!  I didn't know that the cockpit bay pieces were no longer made.  The vertical landing retro-rockets on the 924 are a nice addition too.

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