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"GLA Hunt - VenomBricks - Balafih"

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As promised Balafih held up the bargain and destroyed Tosul smuggling ports in C-14. We sent in a demo team along with the agents stationed in Tosul to wipe out the contraband. Guards at the port were KIA and will be promptly burned along with all evidence relating to Balafih taking part in the raid. 

Photos Via Balafih Intelligence Agency 

The Next MoveThe Next MoveThe Next MoveThe Next Move


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Judges’ comments…

Not a bad 2nd build but we need a little input here. First point is how similar this felt to your first build. Try and switch things up a bit and do some variations. Secondly, focus on the little things. Details can make or break a good build. Try to find ways to throw in even the simplest of details to your build to really make things standout. The last suggestion which we didn't knock you for scorewise since we didn't get you the feedback on your first one yet is your presentation. Try to get as much lighting as possible into your builds. Also try to imagine the perspective of your viewers  while building so you give yourself a viewing area that is clear and open as best you can. Great job keeping up with this!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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