Captain Braunsfeld

Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

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On 8/31/2021 at 7:46 PM, NOD said:

Looks good. A wildly composed crew.


It's just my opinion, you can do it what you want:


The guy with the pink dragon head doesn't quite fit in with it. It would look better if he wore a hat, headscarf or hair. I would leave off the shoulder flaps on the captain's. He only wears a vest and no coat or jacket. What do you think?


Thanks Mate :pir-huzzah2:


And thanks for the Feedback. Yes the pufferfish-helmet looks a bit out of place. But i really like it maybe because its out of place.. :pir_laugh2:


The shoulder flaps i may remove. It should be a reminder for himself (the Captain) that some time ago he was in the navy. Like some Nostalgic approach. In my mind they would be very loosly attached to the former uniform (a uniform cut in pieces and discoloured by salty water, sunshine ...)

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