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In a secret airport with the code R-26, Bandaud is preparing an attack on D2 to destroy storages buildings from where terrorists send and recieve supllies from mainland.
They use a "secret" type of helicopter known as RAT (cause of the look) and the squadron is called "RR" (Red Rats)


Crew: Ready to fill them up sir


GUS: I want a clean job ladies ... 


Crew: 3rd one ready.


RR1: Permission for take off


Tower: You are free to go ... 




GUS: Come back safe !!!



more photos:


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You’ve been awarded (  2 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

I was torn on this build. Let me start by saying that I thought the helicopters were really cool, original, and clearly though out. Now the rest of the build felt very rushed to me. I fear you may have rushed through this one for the sake of having it out quickly and maximizing your total. The tower and airfield really did not have much going on. Slow down a little and show us the effort you've been known to produce. Again, the helicopters were awesome. 

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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from my end ... an airfield is as it is ... not too much going on ... the tower took me a lot of time of building the interior and a bit of a puzzle how to fit the glasses verticaly.

The fuel truck and the ammo truck are made from scratch 

The airfield floor took me a lot of time (tetris) of making it ... 

so i dont understand were you see the rush :/

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You posted several builds in a really short time. Of the 3, this one was the least detailed and elaborate. Don't take it in a bad way but understand we know what you're capable of having seen some really awesome builds from you. It is important to remember you are scored based on what you do and how you progress, not compared to other players (unless it's a contest). I'm sure you'll do an awesome build next time, don't sweat it!

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