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[MOC-WIP] Jakku/Tatooine Table

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I've been planning to start this project at some point, and the current quarantine situation finally got me to break ground.

Much like some tables you may have seen of Docking Bay 327 and the UCS Milennium Falcon, I am making a table that will be set on a desert planet. My early intentions are to do Jakku but I may shift to Tatooine since it allows for a small city to be built.

If I do follow through with a Jakku theme, my plan is to add either a UCS Millennium Falcon or a crashed Star Destroyer component in minifig scale as the main feature in the sand.

The table is going be rather large, but it matches the size of a table I already have which this will take the place of. It will consist of 8 large 48x48 baseplates.

Alright, enough introduction. I decided to test out a concept for a sand texture that will hopefully set the basis for the rest of the MOC. I was really heavily inspired by this MOC by the youtuber First Order Lego:

Here is a look at what I was able to put together on a single 48x48 baseplate:


Sorry Anakin, lots of sand.

I really like how it came out but I think it needs a bit more variation in height and less of a flat look. I suppose that depends on whether or not I decide to go with Jakku or Tatooine. More to follow when I start to branch out the MOC, but for now this is where I'm at.


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