[MOC] PTS Soviet tracked amphibious transport vehicle (floating)

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This model was created many years ago but there was no film and official publication on the forum.

The quality of the film leaves something to be desired because it was only after disassembling the model that I realized that I did not record enough material. But you can see that it drives and floats




My friends returned from the polar station in Antarctica and in the pictures they presented was such a vehicle in red. Somehow it seemed to me that you could stuff the Lego system hull in the middle of the technic model. I did a quick mass test which showed that the model could not exceed 1 kg. Two days later, the prototype was ready for testing in the paddling pool.


After testing, it turned out that it is light enough that I can afford even a small load to make it look more interesting.


640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg


The model is very simple, it only has a mechanism separating the drive from the engines to the track drive wheels and propellers. On the wheels, the speed is reduced and on the bolts increased. Both PF m, L and XL can be used for the drive. The power supply is from a PF battery because it was the lightest and with a brick so that there would be no trouble with the range.


640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg



The torsion bar suspension is 1 stud thick, which was a prerequisite for the model not to sink too deeply into the water.


The proportions were a compromise between the available technical panels and the system hull. Let's say it looks ok only the wheels should be a bit bigger.


That's it, enjoy watching.

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Cool, but how does it float? There are no air chaimbers or something like that, right? So the only thing keeping the motors and stuff above the water is the fact that plastic floats?

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It's pleasant to see you recreate some rare vehicles and functions instead of building boring RC cars and cranes!

I very appreciate your truck that can move by wheels and tracks!

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If you have a look at the video you'll see that there is a boat hull its buildt around.

A very good idea with a great execution. This is one of the most original "floating" build I've ever seen! Really good work!


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