[MOC] 2020 Lego Technic Liebherr LR 11000

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Hello everyone! Before I start I want to wish all of you to stay healthy, survive and win the disease! 

Today at my birthday I decided to share with you my latest MOC. This is a brand new Liebherr LR 11000. From the previous model, it took only some boom sections and proportions. 


The chassis and superstructure built from nothing and were rebuild several times.


Below please let me share with you some dry specifications of the model:

- Crane is about 2 meter high

- weights 5 kg

- requires at least 5 big battery boxes for been fully operated

- can be managed by 3 sBrick units.

- has 10 PF motors (4 are in the chassis)

- Has 9 pneumatic cylinders + a pump

- Has a full-size V6 diesel fake engine like the real crane

- Has 6 winches, 3 of them are installed to the boom like in the real crane, but none of the motors are on the booms.

- Crane is able to assemble and disassemble back from horizontal to working condition without any human help.

- Has 4 pneumatic features, three of them are operated from the cabin, two of them are operated from the operators work seat


Now is hte time for it's features:

- Driving and steering - one XL motor per each track. Torgue increased 1:25

- Slewing by 2 M motors

- L Motor for SA Frame winch

- L Motor for the Main boom winch

- M motor for the luffing jib winch

- M motor for the secondary hook winch

- L motor for the main hook winches

- Pneumatically adjustable operators cabin

- Pneumatically adjustable derrick counterweight horizontally

- Pneumatically adjustable derrick counterweight vertically

- Pneumatically rising chassis for (dis)assemble.

- L motor for the pump and V6 engine

- Individual Sbrick custom profile

- 3 Pair of lights: 

    - Front LED

    - Cab LED

    - Main hook winches LED

Here is the link to photos, I'll post some directly here:








Here is the performance of the superstructure stability without boom and without counterweight(!), only one battery box insalled for fotors activity.

Boxes are full with batteries (24 pcs)


Easy to fix the front suspension:

1,5 kg load.


Please enjoy and feel free to ask any questions.

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oh, here is some additional information:

Did I mention that crane requires an own sbrick profile because of none of the existing ones supports 3 sbrick. Only one is for Kir's orange Telehandler, but it's not suitable here.

So I made a new profile and investigation about making it public.


Also no drilled or modified pulleys this time.

Plus crane has 3 pairs of LEDs

- Front LED

- Cabine additional LEDs

- Main hook winches LEDs

@suffocation @astyanax @Gray Gear @Touc4nx Thank you for replies.


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2 hours ago, Gray Gear said:

Wow, very impressive. 

yellow and dbg sure is a nice color combo. :classic::thumbup:

Please add "[MOC]" to your Thread Title, thank you :blush:

Fixed, thanks for mentioning this point!

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