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[MOC + Instructions] Princess June's Siege Tower

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Hello to the forum,

actually I'm designing some castle stuff for my LEGO Ideas project Princess June's Castle. For this I created a small (digital) MOC, a small medieval siege tower. I also create building instructions for this construction and I wanted to share them with you.


Princess June's Siege Tower by legolux1973, on Flickr

If you like the siege tower, you can download the instructions (a PDF file, of course no fees and no registration or similar) on the Homepage of my local AFOL Community under below URL:

Happy Building, stay safe and keep healthy. :-)

Edited by legolux1973

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This is again a very nice creation. Thanks for sharing the instructions as well. 

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Nice siege engine.  I like the drop gate.  Wheels look sturdy and rugged.  

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Nice siegetower! Like everyone said it looks very accurate and sturdy.

I’m not too fond of the crownies though, I have enough of them already :pir_tong2:

To get an idea of how to make the drop gate ‘playable’ you could take a look at Ecclesiastes’ redux of the 6086 especially the little drawbridge 

It’s a simple enough solution which doesn’t take in too much space but adds a nice playability factor to the build.

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The tower looks really great.
I once downloaded the instructions!

But what I like even better is your Lego Ideas project "Princess June's Castle"!
You have my voice!
And since you don't have a direct topic, I'll post it here.

I was so excited about your new edition of the Yellow Castle that I recreated it in the studio program.
And when I finished the instructions, I built them in real life:



As you can easily see, I changed the castle colors.
Since I used to play with the Lion Knights as a child (my first castle was the 6090), I had now picked out the new Lion Knights here ~


The rebuilding was a lot of fun!
Just all the details you brought in!
This is really amazing!



At the blacksmith's shop I thought that dwarfs would be a little more effective ^^



And what would a castle be without a ghost ~


I once optimized the cart so that it is pulled by an ox.


All in all, this is a really great castle that really belongs in the shop!
I can't get enough of it ^^


Maybe you could also consider sloping the corners of the tower.
Then it looks a little rounder ~


But good.
I hope your castle gets the 10,000 votes!

Edited by Raziel-117

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