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GBW Arms DealGBW Arms DealGBW Arms DealGBW Arms DealGBW Arms Deal

Two Undercover Balafih Operatives have successfully infiltrated local arms dealers to what seems to be an Tosul official buying weapons (and other items) purchase off of C-14 Coast. The operatives are in deep cover with the full trust of the local arms dealer during this shady deal with the heavily guarded official. 

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nice one :)

Next time try to put white paper instead of cardboard. Will be more bright.

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You’ve been awarded (  3 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

Let's start again by saying welcome and thank you for joining us so quickly. Looking at your build you have a good amount of detail through out; from the phones on the wall, to the AC Vent, and then the water (which looks like you filled it with 1x1 round plate and that is a pain in the butt). Either way, great job for your first build. My main suggestion for now would be to look into your photo options as they can make or break a good build. Step 1. Make sure you have plentiful lighting. Be mindful of your lights and shadows. Whenever possible, shoot outdoors for the best results. Step 2. If you're using your phone to take pictures, consider using an App like snapseed to help bring out the most in your photos. We look forward to seeing more builds from you in the future!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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