[MOC] Modular house of the many Cs

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Hello everyone,

my latest building - with the contents of the Central Perk, Chinese Dinner, and Cloud City sets, hence the title for which I had no better idea...


Continued in the back on the left:


Street café view - the little tram is from my inclined street scene:


The underground hosts teh dungeons or whatever you can call these of Cloud City, i.e. the dark part:


Ground floor with Central Perk café and unsuspecting owners and guests:


Above the similarly unsuspecting Chinese family having dinner:


Above that, back to the secret Star Wars operations:


And continued under the roof - the red twin pod is split and ready to launch through the large roof hatch:



The decoration on top of the round part is also from Cloud City, of course.

Finally a view across the church roof next to good old Green Grocer (with an extra floor):


» As usual more photos on Flickr.

Hope you like this one, too. :)



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