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OOOH look its the ice-cream tr-wait a second!

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indexed.gif V-LC-1A

Yes another LDD BB Cafè moc :tongue: Unlike the BB MOBILE (err BB CAR) this one doesnt deliver orderd food its sorta like a ice-cream truck that drives around accept its The BB Cafè truck with drinks, ice-cream, crossants, fruit + other stuff so its even better than a ice cream truck! :wink: All comments/ideas ect... welcome

Heres a pic of it next to the BB Cafè and the BB Mobile!


Close up of it next to the BB Mobile



Side Shot











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That's :wub: , Darth_Legois_619!

It is a so nice designed bumblebee cafe truck with a totally amazing design and an awesome interior :oh: !

Very, very well done - if only TLG released something like that! :thumbup:


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A Bumblebee truck, now that´s neat, and with a fine (and tasty!) interior too.... and that BB car looks sweet too....

Hmm.... I really hope that Vienna´s on your route. I would be a first class customer for sure.... :tongue:

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Im not sure it goes ALL the way to Vienna :tongue::laugh::wink::grin: . Also heres a pic of it next to a mini fig just so you get what size this TALL thing is. Also i wonder why i STILL can't check the price ect... for it :angry: Once i can check price and upload this to i will make a separte one (incase you dont wont the whole BB Cafè and BB Mobile)



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