Challenge III Category A The Kingdom of the Lotus : The Tea Ceremony   During his countless trips, Felipe de la Manzana have heard few things from the Kingdom of the Lotus. But, there is one thing he is sure of : The Loti people are great consumers of a rare plant they're calling Tea. This is a plant unknown to the old Halosian civilizations and it is said it only grows upon the hills of some rare spots inside the Kingdom of the Lotus and some southest islands at the west of it. The Loti people made it a sacred plant and raised it as an art of life ! It is said the Tea Ceremony is sacred and needs a perfect understanding of the plant and of its regenerative abilities to be correctly done. According to what Felipe has been told; the best warriors of the Kingdom of the Lotus are regularly consuming this plant infused in boiled water to raise their fighting skills ! That would made those "Samurais" (as those warriors are named) nearly invincible ! The Ceremony is starting by the return of the Master at home, He is usually saying entering his domain : "Tadaima !" And is answered by : "Okaeri nasai" by his wife. The Lady is dressed by a traditional "Kimono" (a long decorated dress) and a special make up while she is serving the Tea cautiously prepared with a mix of different plants added to the Tea leaves. The Domestics are helping the Samurai's wife by preparing the dishes and the table correctly. And finally, the Samurai can kneel at his table (They often don't sit on chairs on the Kingdom of the Lotus !) and enjoy his Tea ! Would it be possible the Kingdom of the Lotus is at war against Carno to simply cultivate Tea on Oleonda where it is said we can encounter great Tea Spots ?!