Marcus Pololieu was a famous traveller of Oleon. He even wrote some travelling guides of lands afar, which sadly only the aristocratic ladies in Oleon were reading due to his unfortunate style of writing. He didn't have any editor to inform him that travelling guides need not exhume romantism or drama... Thus he was another writer that never got himself elevated to the upper echelons of society (i.e. become filthy rich). Nevertheless, when the Kingdom of Lotus huge ships called "Djunks" were seen at the horizon of New Terra, the Oleon king at the behest of the Queen mother, invited Pololieu to the Palace to brief them about that not-so-new nation after all. - My King, blah, blah, blah... After two hours... - ...Regarding their habitats, due to the huge and calm rivers that cross vast cultivated valleys, many grand cities of the Lotii are situated by rivers or even on them. So many Lotii choose to build two or three storied houses on wooden trunks firmly attached to the riverbeds. From there they feel safe but they can also spy at their neighbours, fish, or even do the laundry. It is a miracle how these buildings don't collapse in the water or how the Lotii don't fall into the river regularly. One day when I was walking, a woman with white powder on her face and dressed in red called me smiling to her house for tea. Upon entering she... blah, blah, blah... oh, happy times indeed, for she... blah, blah, blah... More photos at Flickr. C&C as always appreciated.