Kingdom of the Lotus, year 575.   The dedicated seeker impose silence within himself, allowing the direct sunlight of consciousness to rise and to illuminate his mind with a full indestructible peace. Careful and focused, he embrace the infinite tranquillity which the ignorant people may roam without disorder... Master Su Shen Wu Xian : 你想得太多了!别想了! ... like a flight of bird in the stillness of the air. Now I'm not alone anymore neither accompanied. Beyond  duality and encompassing the Whole, I fly with the horned puffins... No more worried to cast their reflects in the water than the water was to mirror their images...   Master Su Shen Wu Xian : 你想得太多了!别想了! Pr S. Oktober : Your ikebana is quite nice mister Thaum, well done. O. Thaum : Yours is a masterpiece professor, what a mastery, and I thought th... H. Jackill : BANZAIIIIIII.... TCHAC !!! H. Jackill : RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !   Pr S. Oktober : You're a bonehead Jackill !!! You have to calm down your nerves ! We need another zen master now ! H. Jackill : This fool pretended to push me from the Path ! O. Thaum : Henry ! What have you done !! H. Jackill : He had to understand he was like a flight of birds in the stillness of the air ! Pr S. Oktober : What a pity. I was counting on these exercises to help him reign himself in. H. Jackill : We were stoked with the horned puffins reflecting ourselves everywhere like hell and he cames with his right swaggy stories !   C&C welcome, that's my first entry for the 3rd challenge of Era II. Tribute to Gaudelette and thanks to @Bodi  for the chinese translation