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Hello there!


American all-wheel drive pickup from GMC. The model is built as a continuation of the Chevy K30 Big Dooley published in 2019. Of the main differences - the muzzle of an earlier generation, a shorter base, the design of the frame and bridges was changed. Planetary hubs and CV joints are used in driveshafts from 42099. Drive - for each axle by L motor. Steering - M motor, Power - BuWizz, a canister with gasoline in the back, spare wheel, shovel and a box of lemonade






More photos

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3 hours ago, metulskie8 said:

A very beautiful building, I love these clear, angular shapes ...

Thanks! No wonder owners call him “squarebody”

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Reminds me of an old rusty forestry service truck.

The US Army used these too and they can be found fairly cheaply at military auctions.

An underbelly shot would be appreciated. 

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- Why release the models in blue, let's make Dark Azure!
- And chrome? Why not stamp enough chrome parts?
- What?? Here is gray and black for you, goodbye.
- Well, maybe at least arches in black or white
- What kind of nonsense? Here we will make purple, orange darcazur and in some places prints, so that these panels are not useful anywhere else. What is it here with us? Olive .... great color!

Sometimes you look at Chinese models and envy, there are colors and variety, and even - chrome. Too bad the quality is disgusting.

Below is just a sketch of a Chevy Silverado, what would it be like if there were normal parts in the right quantity. And so I can only boast black, red and white.

Sorry, boiling.


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