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Settlement: Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda, Oleon

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Name: Fort Arltrees

Ownership: Squatter settlement founded by Tristan Rimbaud

Location: El Oleonda, New Haven Sea


Mayor: Lieutenant Marcel Dubois (@Keymonus)  

Who can own property in Fort Arltrees: Currently only citizens of Oleon; members of other factions upon approval

Who can freebuild in Fort Arltrees: Citizens of Oleon, Citizens of Eslandola and the independent traders who call themselves “Sea Rats”. Due to the political situation, citizens of Corrington are banished from the settlement.

Description: Fort Arltrees is a little military outpost, founded mainly to ensure a safe landing point for the future Oleander expeditions. With the nearest settlement, Fatu Hiva, hundreds of miles apart from El Oleonda, the Kingdom of the Light needed a stable foothold in the area, a place where soldiers can rest before marching in the inland and where friendly ships can resupply ad find shelter.
Located in a little bay on the North-Western Coast, Fort Arltrees is surrounded by a thick tropical jungle. A nearby river with no name offers easy access to the interior areas of the island, but still very little is known about the surroundings. The first explorations of the interior confirmed limited presence of other nations in the area -substantially some small military units hunting one another- and found a number of small native villages, likely inhabited also by early Lotii explorers stranded on the island.

The jungle around Fort Arltrees is also spotted with large ruins and by an ancient system of canals, likely remains of an advanced civilization. 

Currently the settlement is nothing more than a palisade surrounding a tent camp, but due to the distance from the rest of the Empire it would have to rely mainly on its own forces for the needs of the inhabitants: the building of simple housings, small crops and basic services is planned.

All the future structures in Fort Arltrees are expected to be simple wooden buildings, mainly dedicated to very basic services. Most of the few residents are soldiers, even if is not unusual that merchants, civilian suppliers and similar figures follow military expeditions to sell extra food rations and small commodities.  

More Information: El Oleonda is one of the four large islands of New Haven sea region. It is currently one of the "hottest" areas of the New World, with the tension between Carnites and Lotii quickly turning into open war. Halosian Empires are being involved in the hostilities too, with the Corrish settlement of Spudkirk recently raided by Lotii forces and Carnites hiring mercenaries and corsairs for their war. You can find more about the situation here or in the spoiler below. 


The history of the colonisation of Terra Nova has so far been dominated by nations of the Madrice Peninsular who sail southeast from their homelands into the resource rich archipelagos of the new world. As the Mardician nations push ever eastward into the New Haven Sea, however; it has become clear that they are not the only the only nations to be exploring and colonising the new world.

The nation of Carno was a latecomer to colonisation and Carnite planners felt they missed the prime locations in both the Sea of Thieves and Prio Sea. Thus Carno has pioneered Mardician exploration of the New Haven Sea area. From the first Carnite settlement of Neustadt on the island known to colonial planners as number eleven, Carnite presence has expanded onto the large island known as El Oleonda on which it is rumoured huge riches can be found. It wasn't long before Carnite pioneers realised they weren't the only ones with their eyes on El Oleondas wealth. Skirmishes broke out in the jungles between Carnite settlers and a strange people who appeared to be southern Halosian in appearance. Large ocean-going junks began to raid Carnite shipping and settlements. It was soon revealed these newcomers were from the Kingdom of the Lotus. Not much is known about the large southern Halosian empire and it is thought that Lotii explorers discovered the New Haven sea area by travelling northeast of their homelands.

Soon El Oleonda and its surrounds were in a state of all out war. Even the nearby Corlander settlement of Spudkirk was raided by the Lotii! The hard pressed Carnites have called for their Madrician neighbours to assist them in their struggle driving the southerners out of the New Haven Sea. Will you answer their call?


1 Company of Essener Totenköpfe

El Oleonda Ragamuffins - local militia unit

Builds in Fort Arltrees:

Please post a link to your build and specify if licensed or not.

Properties: 8

Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town'

Required for Level 3: 16/31 (1/4 artisans, 2/4 residences, 2/4 commerce, 1/4 factories, 0/1 educational, 1/1 cultural)

Notable Events:

A fort in the jungle - Founding of the settlement, in February 620


Fort Arltrees Vicarage - medium

Hotel in Fort Arltrees - small


Vin de riz brewery - medium


A'Chua's people - small



The Tavern - large


Sutler's shop - small

Lighthouse of Fort Arltrees - medium


Art & Culture:

Church of Hades - large


Fort Arltrees - small

Unlicensed Builds (similar to EGS properties): 

Other Freebuilds (not similar to EGS properties):

Sweet, sweet rotten eggs - A sulphurous spring, somewhere in the interior

Edited by Keymonus
Updates in properties

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A church:

And the associated vicarage: 

Microbuild prizes from the Battle for El Oleonda. Just off to submit and license them now. 


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Important update: due to the current political situation, citizens of Corrington are no more welcome in the settlement. Citizens of Corrington will be detained until the end of the crisis, and ships with the flag of Corrington and/or of its trading companies will be blocked in the port.

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A tavern (+the overall growth of the settlement), licensed as a large artisan

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Licensed Medium Rice Plantation (OKT Prize Mini)

Licensed Small Education: A "little" schoolhouse (OKT Prize Mini)


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