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Settlement: Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda, Oleon

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Name: Fort Arltrees

Ownership: Squatter settlement founded by Tristan Rimbaud

Location: El Oleonda, New Haven Sea


Fort Arltrees

Mayor: Lieutenant Marcel Dubois (@Keymonus)  

Who can own property in Fort Arltrees: Citizens of all the Empires, and the independent traders who call themselves "Sea Rats"

Who can freebuild in Fort Arltrees: Citizens of all the Empires, and the independent traders who call themselves "Sea Rats"

Description: Fort Arltrees was founded as a small military outpost during the first El Oleonda Campaign. The nearest settlement, Fatu Hiva, was several hundreds of miles far from El Oleonda, and the Kingdom of the Light needed a stable foothold in the area.

The fort was at first nothing more than a fortified camp with a few warehouses and a pier, a place where soldiers could rest and friendly ships could resupply. 
Located in a little bay on the North-Western Coast, Fort Arltrees is in a strategic position between the Carnite cities in the West and the Lotii settlements in the East, and also represents an excellent starting point to explore the northern part of the archipelago.
The settlement is surrounded by a thick tropical jungle, but a nearby river -recently named River Rimbaud- offers easy access to the interior. 

Most of El Oleonda inland is still unexplored, but the recent expeditions have mapped quite well the surroundings of Fort Arltrees. The first expeditions in the interior confirmed a limited presence of other nations in the area -substantially some small military units hunting one another- and found a number of small native villages, likely inhabited also by indigenous people and early Lotii explorers stranded on the island.

The jungle around Fort Arltrees is also spotted with large ruins, ancient roads, and a system of canals, likely remains of an advanced civilization. 

During the last months, the settlement has grown quickly: after the end of the first hostilities, the small tent camp surrounded by a palisade has grown into a bustling, large town.
The first wooden shacks were soon replaced by large stone buildings, including a new impressive fort guarding the bay. However, small wooden buildings such as farms and hunter shelters are common in the outskirts of the settlement.

Despite the fast development, Fort Arltrees is still a frontier settlement, where life is hard and can end with a sudden, violent death. However, thanks to the new, imposing fortifications, it is very unlikely that Fort Arltrees can be simply wiped out of history.
War is raging again on El Oleonda, but everyone feels safe inside the settlement, and both businesses and services are rising. Outside the palisade, on the contrary, almost everyone carries a musket in everyday activities: the natives of El Oleonda are mostly friendly, but bands of both Carnite and Lotii stragglers still haunt the jungle.

Even if the settlement has grown quickly, most of the future buildings are expected to be simple stone or wooden structures, and development plans are still focused on the basic needs of the inhabitants. Most of the residents are currently soldiers, hunters and adventurers, but more and more colonists are looking for fortune on El Oleonda.

With the growth of the population and of the settlement economy, large stone builds have appeared in Fort Arltrees, and important urban development plans are ongoing. Outside the settlement, instead, most of the buildings are still simple wooden houses and small farms, often fortified against the bandits.


Note: every build is welcome, but a small farm, a smith or a general store would fit more than a concert hall

Note: Fort Arltrees is now a large settlement, just one Royal Property far from becoming a City. Large productive builds, government offices, trade companies warehouses and so on could fit well the settlement, while small farms and "frontier-style" buildings are still suitable for the outskirts. 

More Information on El Oleonda: El Oleonda is one of the four main islands of the New Haven Sea region. Like most of the lands of the New World, it is largely covered by jungle and thick tropical forests, but grasslands, marshes, and a variety of other biomes are also present. The central part of El Oleonda is crossed by a range of rocky hills, one of the highest in the whole New World.

The island is inhabited by several native tribes, each with its unique traditions and culture. Moreover, the abandoned ruins of an ancient civilization (imposing temples, canal systems, even large cities) are scattered all over the island, and often host the -far more modest- settlements of El Oleonda tribes.

In 620, El Oleonda was the theatre of one of the major wars of the Second Era of colonization: tensions and fights between Carno and Lotus Empire quickly escalated into an open war. The Madrician Empires were soon directly involved in the conflict, with the military campaigns against the Lotii forces and the Lotii raids against Spudkirk and Jiangkai. 

You can find more about the first El Oleonda Campaign here or in the spoiler below. 


The history of the colonisation of Terra Nova has so far been dominated by nations of the Madrice Peninsular who sail southeast from their homelands into the resource rich archipelagos of the new world. As the Mardician nations push ever eastward into the New Haven Sea, however; it has become clear that they are not the only the only nations to be exploring and colonising the new world.

The nation of Carno was a latecomer to colonisation and Carnite planners felt they missed the prime locations in both the Sea of Thieves and Prio Sea. Thus Carno has pioneered Mardician exploration of the New Haven Sea area. From the first Carnite settlement of Neustadt on the island known to colonial planners as number eleven, Carnite presence has expanded onto the large island known as El Oleonda on which it is rumoured huge riches can be found. It wasn't long before Carnite pioneers realised they weren't the only ones with their eyes on El Oleondas wealth. Skirmishes broke out in the jungles between Carnite settlers and a strange people who appeared to be southern Halosian in appearance. Large ocean-going junks began to raid Carnite shipping and settlements. It was soon revealed these newcomers were from the Kingdom of the Lotus. Not much is known about the large southern Halosian empire and it is thought that Lotii explorers discovered the New Haven sea area by travelling northeast of their homelands.

Soon El Oleonda and its surrounds were in a state of all out war. Even the nearby Corlander settlement of Spudkirk was raided by the Lotii! The hard pressed Carnites have called for their Madrician neighbours to assist them in their struggle driving the southerners out of the New Haven Sea. Will you answer their call?


1 Company of Essener Totenköpfe

El Oleonda Ragamuffins - local militia unit

Builds in Fort Arltrees:

Please post a link to your build and specify if licensed or not.

Licensed properties: 37

Size for EGS purposes - Level 4 'Large Town’

Properties required for the next level

Artisan: 10/8

Commerce: 14/8

Cultural: 7/2

Educational: 4/3

Factory: 8/8

Residence: 13/8

Royal: 0/1

Total points: 69/61

Notable Events:

A fort in the jungle - Founding of the settlement, in February 620

The Battle for El Oleonda - The First El Oleonda War, started after the Lotii raid against Spudkirk

The Seawatch Campaign - Military campaign of allied Madrician Nations (Carno, Corrington, Eslandola, and Oleon) against the Lotii forces on El Oleonda, started after the Siege of Seawatch and the Lotii raid against Jiangkai

The Foreign Merchants' District - A new commercial district of the settlement, attracting several merchants from foreign nations


Fort Arltrees Vicarage - medium

Hotel in Fort Arltrees - small

Tree House - small

An Essener House - small

Marshal DeQuesne’s Flat - small

Homestead - large

A mostly warm reception - small

Forward HQ Corrington Expeditionary Force - small

Tamish bothy - small

Fort Arltrees brig - small


Vin de riz brewery - medium

Small Factory Sawmill - small

Smoked meat for the Fort - small

Candy Factory - small

Smith’s Smithy - large


A'Chua's people - small

Rice Plantation - medium

LBSF wheat farm - large


The mine at the World's End - gold mine


The Tavern - large

Fort Arltrees Bazaar - large

Mr. Shur's Lotii Curiosities - small

Ship repairing workshop - small

Rimbaud Aqueduct - medium


Sutler's shop - small

Lighthouse of Fort Arltrees - medium

Small Commercial Wharf - small

Dress Shop - small

Among thieves - small

Fort Arltrees military HQ - medium

The Altonian Commercial Mission - small

The Ferrer Family Commercial Enterprise - small

The Essener New World Trading Company - small

Terraversan Commonwealth Rum-Runners - small

Garvian League Guildhouse - small

Miroslav Dobric's Trading Emporium - small


A Little Schoolhouse - small

Fort Arltrees public school - large

Art & Culture:

Church of Hades - large

House of the Ancestors - medium

Gardens of Poseidon- medium


Fort Arltrees - small

Gatekeeper Point - large

Unlicensed Builds (similar to EGS properties): 

Essian Reiterhaus - a small garrison of Essian light cavalry

Other Freebuilds (not similar to EGS properties):

Sweet, sweet rotten eggs - A sulfurous spring, somewhere in the interior

Monsieur le Filon - Prospecting outside Fort Arltrees found a gold vein

A patrol encounters a bear outside the settlement - an unpleasant accident 

Return to the Tyree'dee - Bishop François returns to El Oleonda

Introducing General Hercule François - General Hercule François arrives at the settlement

Adieu, mon général - General Hercule François is deadly wounded during the Battle of Seawatch

Edited by Keymonus
Updates in properties

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A church:

And the associated vicarage: 

Microbuild prizes from the Battle for El Oleonda. Just off to submit and license them now. 


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Important update: due to the current political situation, citizens of Corrington are no more welcome in the settlement. Citizens of Corrington will be detained until the end of the crisis, and ships with the flag of Corrington and/or of its trading companies will be blocked in the port.

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Licensed Medium Rice Plantation (OKT Prize Mini)

Licensed Small Education: A "little" schoolhouse (OKT Prize Mini)


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Licensed Small Commercial Wharf with a Battle of El Oleonda micro prize.

Licensed Small Factory Sawmill with a BoEO micro prize

Licensed Large Artisan with a BoEO micro prize 

Licensed Small Artisan with a BoEO micro prize


Edited by CapOnBOBS

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Lots of things have been built in Fort Arltrees during the last days, an unprecedented expansion boom... so it's quite difficult for me to find all the posts! It will take me some time to update the settlement thread!

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22 hours ago, CapOnBOBS said:

Gatekeeper Point is now licensed as a large fort to protect the growing town. This should upgrade Fort Arltrees to a Large Town. 


Wonderful addition to our settlement! Actually we had already reached the Large Town level in this turn (I should have made an official announcement), and now our interests are well protected!

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A freebuild to add to the index.

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5 hours ago, Ross Fisher said:

I'm honestly not sure what to license this as, so for now I'll just fill out the submittal forms. 

Nice little build! I think it can’t be properly licensed, it should be a free build not similar to properties (as evancet’s bear above)

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