Seek & Destroy: A team building challenge 3/15 - 4/23

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Bandaud Will go for T2 at D2 with air strike in order to destroy any terrorists resources 

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Balafih will send out raid forces to C-14 to destroy the port's warehouses without it looking like any country was involved. Stay Posted. 

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On 3/24/2020 at 11:22 PM, marvelBoy123 said:

What should we do following the Tosul forces raid? Is it genuine? 

Our best course of action is to continue the planned objectives and continue recon of Bahn Puor through our contacts in the resistance to see if Tosul really has acted as it claims.

Also, an idea of how to get into Bahn Puor without as many barriers. If we sponsored the resistance to fight with the Tosul forces on Bahn Puor, the BoN could send in a peacekeeping force which would take far less time to vote through. It would be a risk but right now Tosul does seem unwilling to cooperate.

We must be careful. Commander of Tosul's 5th Army division Vasily Vuchkov was shown on Tosul State Media today walking the shores of Bahn Puor with a detail of Special Forces guards. Tosul Command has moved all of their defense systems in high alert after a reconnaissance drone was shot down over their territory yesterday (from Instagram feed)

As I said before, we can not attack Bahn Puolr Island now. We must step back in this case. With Tosul forces there striking the terrorists, we have no right to involve. Actually, BON have to thank Tosul goverment for this action.

For now we must use small forces to our strikes to the GLA network, so as to go as unnoticed as possible. 

Plantase will attack at T1

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