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[MOC] "This is Bojack... Horseman, obviously"

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Hello friends,

Here's my latest creation, inspired by the Netflix series Bojack Horseman! If you're not familiar with the series, it's a dark parody of Hollywood culture that takes place in a version of the world where people and anthropomorphic animals coexist. The main character, Bojack, is a self-centered, alcoholic horse who struggles to revive the glory of his 90's acting career while struggling with self-destructive habits. Despite the serious themes, there is an abundance of hilarious animal puns and visual gags peppered throughout the show. In one of the best recurring jokes, the main characters start using the word "Hollywoo" after the D from the sign is stolen!

The format of this build was inspired by the show's opening credits, which follow a static-looking Bojack as the events of a typical day swirl in the background behind him. Here's an example of the opening credits, if you're curious.

To create the right sense of focus and perspective, the Bojack figure was photographed separately from the house and combined later using image editing.

I had a lot of fun trying to create letters for the Hollywoo sign! The O's are made using a pith helmet, which had an excellent cartoonish shape.

Why the long face?


Background Only:


Hope you enjoy!


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I love the show, so I had to click this topic!

Very well done, especially with the sign.

Bojack's figure is also well done, and I like the clever design of the curtains.

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Wow! Really awesome build! Is this your only BH creation or do you plan on building maybe a full house? Or other characters? :)

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