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So, here's a MOC that's actually a few years old that I'd neglected to post because I wasn't super satisfied with the photos nor the build itself, but after stumbling across it again browsing through folders I think it has at least some merit, so I now present to you...


The Abomirex (or A-rex if you prefer)! 

A mechanical monster created by one of the most diabolical minds in all the known world as a weapon of terror and conquest. Sporting massive razor-sharp claws, built-in weaponry, and tremendous mechanical strength, only the most skilled and nimble of heroes can hope to stop it.  Initially conceptualized as far more overtly birdlike, with wings utilizing the clear orange sail pieces from that one Ninjago set, but I couldn't come up with a decent enough design and thus went in a more saurian direction because dinosaurs are neat.



It can't see through walls, however, which could provide our hero with the upper hand.

(also sort of inspired by the movie "9" and by extension the short film it was based on)



Snout splits open to reveal a flamethrower. Hope your shield spell is up to snuff, or you'll be snuffed out. Get it? Fire jokes.



One of its least immediately obvious weapons is its bladed claw tail, catching its opponents by surprise! But if caught, perhaps a lucky swing could bring our hero close enough to a weak point...



The conspicuous power source on its back totally wasn't that weak point, why do you ask?



At ease, or perhaps scanning the horizon.



In profile.



Torso construction detail. Full disclosure, I don't remember it being particularly sturdy, and in addition to looking somewhat jumbled overall, it's part of why I'd neglected to share it earlier. But the aesthetic still sort of works for a steampunk/dieselpunk/frankenstein mad sciencey sort of look.

(also tangent time: I hate steampunk and think it's super overplayed, or at least the variation of it that everyone falls back on. what part of "british aristocracy in fancy dress with gears glued to it" is "punk", exactly?)



Obligatory gag scene.

Full gallery here!

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This is excellent. I get your reservations (I did the same with a mech that I didn’t post until I’d completely rebuilt the legs and touched up the torso, check it out). I love the dinosaur/ giant bird/ mech design, it’s what I went for but more to the mech side. Stability is always an issue cause there isn’t something intelligent actively controlling balance.


The built in flamethrower is a great touch!

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