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EB News Presents: Athos!

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Welcome to another exciting episode of EB News Presents! I'm your host, imperialshadows, Staudie will be doing whatever it is he does, and our special guest this evening is Athos!

So... before we begin, I should just take a moment to announce the winner of our very special drawing that we've been holding for all of you, our regular viewers. For those who haven't been watching, I'll explain, and give you a dirty look, not necessarily in that order.

Ok, basically, for each of the past four weeks, during the ending credits, we've been asking you a very special question. You were supposed to answer those questions, then write it all on a postcard with your name and all that and send it in. We received an incredible number of entries, it was truly surprising.

Once we threw out the ones in crayon, and the ones that smelled funny, and the ones with incorrect answers, we were down to the finalists. We put all of those remaining cards in a drum, and Staudie will now draw the winner!

I can't draw the winner, I don't even know what they look like.

Funny. Very funny. Pick a card.

*Staudie reaches in the huge drum* Um... I can't reach a card.

Well, stretch more.

But there are only two cards in there and they're all the way at the bottom.

I'll help. *shoves Staudie in the drum*

OW! :wacko:

I always said they were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they hired you, now I have pics to prove it.

Oh, haha. Here!

*Staudie hands me a card*

And the winner is... Um... no. It can't be.

Who is it?

I, uh, can't read it, terrible handwriting... What exactly is the prize for this travesty, anyway? :sceptic:

I think we said we'd have them on the show.

Oh crap. Hand me the other card.

*Staudie hands me the other card*

Just as I figured. Time to start the interview!

But you haven't ...



Q. Why the name Athos? Explain the sigfig? Is that even your sig fig? Why do you have the title of a 'Good Sport'?

A. When I joined Classic-Castle, I'd just finished reading the Three Musketeers and liked the character of Athos. So I went with that. I'd probably go with something different, if I was to do it over again.

The sig-fig used to be a Musketeer, but I read Stephen King's Dark Tower series and decided to go western. I also have a bunch of specialized figs for holidays and special occasions. I chose the face, because its harder to come by, so there won't be a lot of people using it.

I used to be titled "Village Whiner" because, I guess I have a reputation as a complainer. I'm critical and hard to please and like to complain (just ask my wife, poor soul). But I guess I was a good sport about it and got the title changed.

Q. I see that most of your mocs are Vigs, is this correct? Is there a reason for this?

A. Simplicity. They don't take a huge investment of time or space, which can always be a problem. They also let me explore themes I wouldn't normally build in. And if you find something you like, you can always do a series.

Q. How long have you collected lego?

A. As long as I can remember. I'd guess I was about 5 when I got my first set. So about 25 years.

Q. What are your 3 favourite sets?

A. Kings Castle. Its a great set that's designed well and has some sentimental value, as I remember getting it for Christmas, in 1984 or 1985.

Carribean Clipper. Also a sentimental Christmas gift.

Kings Mountain Fortress. A lot of people don't like this one. It doesn't have many pieces and isn't a great build, but I love how it looks. Plus you get the great princess.

Q. What is your Favourite Theme?

A. Castle is very high on the list and so is Adventurers. Its probably a tie, but I've got to vote with the underdog, and choose Adventurers.

Q. Best In Real Life Lego Moment?

A. Tough call. People who know me personally, know I'm not a very excitable person, so its hard to choose a best moment for me. Getting to have a Lego cake topper at my wedding was pretty cool. We also had a Lego bouquet. I also won the Classic-Castle Storytelling Contest, which was pretty cool too. Don't know if that counts as real-life, though.

Q. And, speaking of which, what was your best EB moment?

A. See above. Getting to be a fellow was good, it was nice to know I was respected enough to be invited.

They invited me too.

Yeah, so how much of an honour can that be?

They didn't invite you, did they?


Q. What themes do you think TLC should consider?


  1. Farm
  2. Zoo or Safari
  3. Romans/Greece
  4. Pretty much anything that will give us new animals.

Maybe a Staudie family reunion set.

Q. What is your opinion on the recent loss of 3 staff members?

A. Its always a pity when people have differences that they can't resolve. Its not surprising or unexpected though. It just happens. I didn't really notice anything was amiss, until it happened. I think EB will go on, just fine. There are enough people committed to the site.

Q. A.. B... C... Why did your ABC Castle vigs end at J? (Correct me if I am wrong)

A. I finished it. There might have been a significant lag at 'J,' there was at other letters, but I eventually finished. Check it out here.

Q. Can we see your evil castle of ultimate good sportsmaship? The place where you keep your lego is fine too...

A. Well I've actually got them scattered across four rooms in two states (a bedroom at my parents, a shed at my parents, a spare bedroom at my apartment and the livingroom of my apartment... did I mention my wife is very patient?)

Q. Do-do-de-dah!

A. Isn't that da-doo-run-run...?

Please don't get him singing...

Q. Am I Annoying?

A. I've encountered worse.

Stop looking at me.

Q. Who should we Interview Next?

A. Hmmm... that's a tough one. You see I don't read your interviews, so I don't know who you've already talked to. :wink:

I was going to make a nasty comment about that "don't read" crack, but I realised I don't either. It does explain your view of Staudie...

So, there you have it. He doesn't actually read these, so we don't really need to say anything more about him. Might as well just run some extra commercials or talk about something else.

Oh yeah, who won the contest?

Um. Well, that Athos is a really nice guy, isn't he?

I thought we weren't going to talk about him.

He's our guest, of course we are. You really are the rudest kid sometimes.

But you said ...

When did you ever listen to what I said?

I was trying to, but you won't answer my question.

Fine, I'll answer it. You see, when a mommy brick and a daddy brick really love each other...

Not that question! :blush:

Oh look, we're out of time!

We still have ...

NO TIME LEFT! :angry:

Right. Roll the credits!

*camera fades*

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As usual, oddly entertaining (not in that order). Who did win the "contest"? :tongue:


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A nice interview.... and I always thought that the Kings mountain Fortress is a really charming set too, with a very good use of that raised baseplate.... :wub:

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IS and Staudie strike again! (yes staudie, I remembered you this time. :tongue:)


Zoo or Safari


Pretty much anything that will give us new animals.

AMEN! If Playmobile can make that stuff and do well, TLC can too. There's so many possibliites with the first two, and the third would be cool as well. :sweet:

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Wow, a farm theme would be pretty cool :thumbup:

and the Zoo theme would add a lot more critters to TLG's animal variety.

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Very nice interview! :sweet:

King's Castle is one of the castles that is on my wish list. It is indeed a real classic! :classic:

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Nice one guys! And it´s always interesting to find out more stuff about the members. But where were the real juicy stuff, the scandals :devil:?

We need more tabloid approach in the future!

A late congrats to Athos for your win in the Classic-Castle Storytelling Contest :sweet:!

musketeers.jpg On


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Great interview, with some high entertainment value. :sweet: Good job. :thumbup:

I think the winner of the contest was a certain person who is always trying to get on the show. :wink: He is the fist person I thought of when I read that line. :tongue:

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He is the fist person I thought of when I read that line. :tongue:
rubber_fist.jpg person :laugh: ?

Άγιο Όρος On


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rubber_fist.jpg person :laugh: ?

Άγιο Όρος On


ROFL, Borat on !

Nice interview, I never thought Athos was so "young", always pictured him as a 40-50 personn :tongue: I second the choices of themes ! And adventurers definitly rules. Still, no mention of the new indiana jones theme ? Shame on you !

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Jipay, megablox dammit you scared me! I tought you where shutting us down for our terrible safety record!

  • Timmy - Death By Hammer
  • Timmy - Death By Beating
  • Timmy - Death By Megablock
  • Timmy - Death by A kick in the megablocks
  • Timmy - Death by Timmy
  • Timmy - Executed for killing Timmy
  • Timmy - Commited suicide
  • Bill - Choked on a sandwich because he was laughig so hard at timmy's getting killed
  • Timmy - Death by Bill, who fell on him.
  • Timmy - Ceced to exist as a whirpool of hate devored him a tore him limb from limb.
  • Timmy - Chambered.
  • Timmy - Died of natural causes... We where not fast enough :hmpf_bad:
  • Timmy - Died.
  • Timmy - Killed with a water gun, 3 peices of elastic and a penny.
  • Timmy - Death By Tray It Shall Be.
  • Timmy - Banned for being annoying.
  • Aging Knight - Death By Hinkley.


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So my postcard smelled funny, eh :angry: ? I just forgot it on the table near a net of onions for one night :sceptic:

Let's go on. Nice interview, with our wizard of the alphabet. Thanks for taking the time to give such good answers, Athos :thumbup:

And thanks to imperialshadows (growing older) and Stauder for taking up this interviews job again :sweet: . I missed these threads :cry_happy:


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