[MOC + Instructions] Princess June's Carriage

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actually I'm designing some castle stuff for my LEGO Ideas project Princess June's Castle. Therefore I created a small (actual only digital) MOC, a small medieval carriage and I wanted to share the building instructions for this MOC with you.


Princess June's Carriage by legolux1973

, on Flickr 

If you like the carriage, you can download the instructions (a PDF file, of course no fees and no registration or similar) on the Homepage of my local AFOL Communita under below URL:

Inspiration for this MOC have been the 2 beautiful MOCS Queen's carriage and Royal Carriage from the users @aemil and @Sandy . I'm actually collecting parts to build the MOC  in real, I guess the first change will however be to add a second horse. :wink:



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Looks very authentic to me. Overall great, esp. the proportians!


Ok, just one thing to mention: for the size of the carriage, perhaps two horses would do better?! Forget about it - You had the same idea before :blush:

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I actually built this a couple of months ago. Should have taken photos but I’ve kept all the pieces together. 

Really is a lovely thing. 

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