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Voting will be open for a variable period of time. Closing date will most likely be somewhere between one and two weeks.


  • Voting scheme uses the old Formula One style point distribution (10, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 POINT)
  • You need to assign 10 points to the 1st place, 6 points to the second and so one.
  • You need to vote for 6 ENTRIES (no more, no less)
  • Clearly mention the ENTRY NUMBER and the NUMBER OF POINTS per entry that you vote on.
  • You are eligible to vote if you have AT LEAST 50 POSTS.
  • You may NOT vote for your own entry.
  • You can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected).
  • In the event of a tie for any place the Technic Staff will decide which entry wins. Our decision is final.
  • Questions about voting can be asked in the Discussion Topic.

For example (entries randomly chosen):

comments can be placed above the votes
5: 10 (no comments here please)
6: 6
1: 4
9: 3
7: 2
3: 1
Or comments can be placed below the votes



  • Please use this exact notation NUMBER: VOTES (with a colon).
  • Please don't type #1:10, 1 = 10 or 1) 10 or other notations. Stick to the example format shown above.
  • Please use this thread only for voting. You may explain why you made your choice, but any general discussion should take place in the Discussion Topic.
  • Comments should be placed ABOVE or BELOW the votes. Please don't comment on the same line as the votes.

Voting scheme will consist of 100% member voting.

Voting criteria are (in no particular order):

  • Originality.
  • Looks (shape, color scheme etc).
  • Quality of the build.
  • Functionality.


All entries can be found in the entry thread:

Please visit the entry topic to see all entries.
1. Rebel Tow Truck by Ctan
2. Destruction Buggy & Trebuchet by M00se
3. Zil The Peacemaker by Samolot
4. FrankenBase by Zerobricks
5. Ugly Duckling by syclone
6. Reaper by desert752
7. Taxidermy by Seasider
8. Hell of a Barracuda by Michael217
9. Harshharvester by HorcikDesigns
10. Destroyer by Blaz62
11. Apocalypse Scrambler by 1980SomethingSpaceGuy
12. Mad Musk Cybertruck by paave
13. Halftracker by JLiu15
14. Hard-Knock Life by Leonardo da Bricki
15. The Fishing Warrior by MangaNOID
16. Heavy Metal by Jobo
17. Aardvark by howitzer
18. War Trike by shadow_elenter
19. Mad Nomad by Didumos69
20. Double Trouble by MegaRoi
21. TTT - The Tracked Trike by vascolp
22. Giga Twin by A Great Builder
23. Gator Mayhem by braker23
24. Law and Disorder by Lakop
25. Dozaster! by MisteryMan

Good luck!

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9: 10
1: 6
15: 4
11: 3
10: 2
3: 1

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15: 10
1: 6
11: 4
8: 3
7: 1

Well, it was really difficult this time to distribute the points. It is a mix of my personal looks based preferences and originality factor.
All entries are unique and great in it's own way. 
Thank you for this contest, it was really fun to build something unusual. :)

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15 : 10
1 : 6
11 : 4
6 : 3
9 : 2

19 : 1

That was hard to choose... It's incredible, what you guys can do in such a small amount of time.
I tried to vote as family as possible, but I won't lie, I was influenced by the WIP threads (specially the ones where there was some Rp in it :) )
Anyway, it was a fun contest to watch, with some unusual and well developed ideas.

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Posted (edited)

9: 10
18: 6
3: 4
6: 3
1: 2
4: 1

Really hard to choose... Plenty of outstanding models!

Edited by ArsMan064

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Posted (edited)

15: 10

9: 6

3: 4 

19: 3

18: 2

17: 1

Edited by MisteryMan
Whoops, didn't format it like it should be

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Hard to assign points to just a few.

9. aesthetics and functions just came together for me. It just looked like a very complete package.

4. loved the outlandish build. would love to live my post apocalyptic world on there.

16. functions! And those rolled doors! 

18. Dam, so much playability!

1. Details!

7. Looks fantastic can’t wait to see a normal taxi version.



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8: 10

21: 6

14: 4

9: 3

3: 2

10: 1

Good luck all.


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