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Scale 1:20 Lexus LFA + Building Instructions x 2

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This started back in November of 2017. The white version is finally finished, so I thought it would be about time to post it here.

This is my Lexus LFA in Miniland scale, that is, scale 1:20. The black car was commissioned by Toyota Motor Europe and was built in record time with daily iterations. I go through everything, as well as the communication with the client in the video:

With building instructions found here:


Although the back side was what I liked the best with the black version, this is also the section that has received the largest amount of modifications in the white:


And speaking of the white version, here is a video where I spend more than 13 minutes going through the changes:

Building instructions here:


Changes to the rear are mainly focused on adding curvature so it isn't flat:


But there is also a series of other changes, as explained in the video: The exhaust pipes all have the same spacing, the grilles are placed correctly, the third rear light is thin, there is a small indent over the exhausts, the curves above the rear wheels is more accurate, as well as the rear top inlets.


I can promise you that you will be in for a ride if you build one yourself - and if not, then there is a 100% money back guarantee! :D





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Ok! Of all the supercars out there, the Lexus LFA is underrated. I'm glad there is someone else other than me who appreciates this car. 

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