MOD - Tantive IV 75244 - Interior!!!

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Hi all!

Trying to post my backlog of stuff... while I've no real complaints about the official Tantive IV, I did redesign the interior to have a micro scale interior... here are the renders, and I've built it into the official set with some slight mods here and there. This is not meant to be accurate by any means, but more like a re-imagining using the space I have. 

You can see it partially here physically: 

This replaces the two mini fit seats with a full bridge...


A small galley kitchen and lounge... (you can also see the famed "hallway")


An engineering bay!


I've also sealed up the bottom shaft and shortened the handle, it's still functional! Have also added landing gears and added greeble here and there... Hoping to add the "winglets" soon.



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