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'Word spreads like wildfire, fail to contain it and you will be consumed...'

Alsarh - Location: Classified - Mission Ongoing...

Souqs are part of the culture of the Alsarhian people. Particularly along the coast in the areas once part of the colonial empire of Fulshako. Normally things are fine, now not so much. Our current threat is an unusual one, not a rogue nation's army or a terrorist group but a supposed clairvoyant. She has kept a stall in the souq for many years and used to just read palms and the like. But that changed a few weeks ago. She has become a scaremonger, frightening the people with talk of terrorist plots and the brickpocalypse. She is causing hysteria and damaging the governments efforts to take on terrorist threats. So we sent in a local group of soldiers. They are from the alkapba people, trained as warriors from birth. Hopefully this should serve as a lesson to others.

http://49560250871_7c8551528d_c.jpgGBW - Alsarh - The Souq by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://49560488492_b203ff215d_c.jpgGBW - Alsarh - The Souq by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://49560580632_1c75ab8886_c.jpgGBW - Alsarh - The Souq by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://49574578136_f860721b4c_c.jpgIMG_20200223_162918613-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

As ever, I can't emphasise enough how much your feedback means to me, I've come a long way this last year and hope to keep improving in the future!

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Mission File : Mission Complete

We took her for questioning and searched her store. Seems like she's a supporter of the GLA and we found that she was storing weapons too. These people seem to be everywhere. It's time we put a stop to this threat before it grows any larger.


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You’ve been awarded ( 4 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

This was a great step up for you. Really enjoyed the detailing in the floor and the capes hanging as drapes. ALso, the burning lamp with the flame design built into the wall, great touch! Nice Work! Pictures are definitely getting better, keep working at it!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!


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