[GBW] - Sambotage - Plantasea - SHADOW CELL: Stormtide (2/3)

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2020, Today, Plantasea

There are scattered rumors that a terrorist cell led my infamous Hug Drax is prepearing a big hit in Plantasean territory. But noone knows information about Drax and his organization, even how he looks.

Same time and after ten years, following a lead, Plantasean agency "Green Door" found that Lt.Sunday Priestime is alive and held in an isolated prison. It is a penal prison in a subtropical island somewhere between Swintoc and New Selusia.




Lt.Sunday Priestime is the only one who knows Hugo Drax and "Shining Trail", his terrorist group

In no time, Hell Legion prepeared the rescue operation. Lt.Coloner Saunders himseld, old close friend of Priestime, will lead the OYK Team 6 of the Legion

Τhe attack will take place late afternoon, in the time that prisoners return from penal labor.

In the prison island, Hell Legion commandos first shoot the guard in the elevated guardhouse and same time throw inside the yard smoke grenades. 





During the panic created, Legionaires cut chain and barbed wire so to get in



Prisoners killing prison guards, prison guards killing prisoners, and Legionaires clearing the mess...



For another one time in all of these years, Sunday Priestime is in isolation. Saunders unlocks the trapdoor and help his friend to get out 




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The rock work on this and the guard tower are very cool. I really think you've captured the idea of the prison well. I think the sand on top of the rocks might be a little flat especially considering how dramatically it has been gathered against the wall and maybe some spray on the sea would have been nice considering how remote it looks. The only other improvement I can see with this build is the trapdoor. Having visited a number of retired prisons, solitary confinement tends to be it's own block in a building. Even under brutal regimes, confinement is at least a properly build underground cellar which I think may have been a better option that still gave a similar effect. 

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Judges’ comments…

This one is awesome. My first thought looking at it was alcatraz. This is a good way to show a perspective build. From the front the building looks huge, but it has no depth. Great design! This could have sufficed for a campaign build likely.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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