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[MOC] Medieval Watchtower

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Hello to the forum.

Below my first non digital Castle MOC I realized with LEGO. The MOC was built end of december 2019. It's nothing special but after some Star Wars and Space MOCs this was a nice change. Enjoy the pictures.


Medieval Watchtower 01 by legolux1973, on Flickr


Medieval Watchtower 02 by legolux1973, on Flickr



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Cool little build! I like how you went for a rather bigger base than necessary, moreover full of details, but not overdone. I really think that the only (and slight) criticism can be raised about the tower: it could be a tiny bit wider, maybe just two studs. It's a very gracile build and especially for a military structure, this could be sturdider and more spacious, so that the soldiers have a bit more of a comfort.
Nice water. Maybe you could add a small pier or boat to stimulate imagination: do the soldiers fish in their free time? Or is this a tower by the river and they check trade ships? But part of the beauty is in the simple design, and a boat or pier could become a distraction and obscure the water.
Nice one!

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Very nice build.  I like the dense vegetation.  The tower is simple but neat.  I like the water feature in the corner of the build too.  

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