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First, I apologize if this isn't posted in the appropriate place.  If there is somewhere else I could try and ask this (either here or another site), please just let me know.  I rarely post online, but have always loved coming here and don't really know where else I might be able to get advice on this topic.

Basically, I am trying to get advice regarding where/how someone might suggest selling a Mr. Gold.  I've been fortunate to have found one originally and have kept it the last several years, but am at the point where I don't think I can justify holding onto it.  I wrote years ago about being conflicted about it, and really do feel ambivalent about owning a few pieces of plastic that has such presumed value (however much I've loved building my collection).  Now, I'm having to move and could really use some extra funds to defray expenses.  

Obviously, I know I could try and sell on bricklink, but I've never really sold online and have no seller's history.  I'm not trying to be greedy, and don't expect it to go for quite as much as what's posted there now, but still know that it would be important to establish a trusted sale, which may mean bank transfer, insurance, etc?  I'm just a little lost. And yeah, it's still in the inner clear bag (the gold series 10 bag has a small slit in the back to open), and it has the certificate with code etc.

Again, I am truly sorry if this isn't appropriate, but if anyone has any suggestions or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much -- and here's to looking forward to series 20!



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If you have that much proof that it’s a legit fig, you shouldn’t have much of a problem selling it on bricklink, eBay, or other local selling options (craigslist, kijiji, Facebook). Could also ask a local seller to broker it for you.

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