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It has been years after the unspeakable and the survivers used whatever machinery they found to make a new start.

The last bit of civilization was rebuilt in a form of the mobile base nicknamed the FrankenBase due to the nature of it's design.


Frankenbase was assembled from the following leftovers:

  • Buckets and bogies from a pair of tracked loaders
  • Front frame, suspension and axles from a monster truck
  • Command bridge and helipad from a stranded ship
  • Crane and two containers were salvaged from a dried up port

The base also features three support vehicles, a quick buggy, a small bulldozer and a helicopter:


To propel the massive base, all wheels and trackes are driven and suspended:


The suspension allow the massive vehicle to easily crawl over rough terrain:


The track bogies can also steer, giving the FrankenBase a very tight steering radious:


The only way to acces the abse is by lovering the ladder in front, which also serves as the ladder to acces the walkways surrounding the entire vehicle:


The crane uses a special mechanism which locks onto containers in order to move them:


The command deck is protected by nets and features controls:


View of the backside with the crane raised:


Some trivia about the model:

  • The entire model took me around 2 weeks to build
  • All functions are powered by 19 motors and controlled by 6 BuWizz bricks
  • It measures over 130 cm long, 45 cm high and 40 cm wide
  • The weight is estimated to be around 7 kilograms
  • This is my second largest model built, first being the Go-kart
  • It's one of my most eccentric builds ever
  • The different colors are intentional, representing the chaotic nature of it's envoirment
  • Size compared to the Liebherr:
  • 640x480.jpg

See the model in action the video:


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Oh my goodness. This is amazing. This contest is shaping up to be a tough fight for first prize. I'm in awe of the sheer size and how you were able to achieve great steering and speed for such a massive vehicle. Very Impressive stuff!

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Mad cersion of @mahjqa's Landship was first thing that came to my mind.

Massive MOC (wow, I've never thought that 42100 could ever look so small). However, some disproportionalities really bother me - how could people tgat are able to enter tge control roombe able to climb that ladder? And, comparing size of the ship and monstertrzck chassis, wow, that monstrtruck had to be really monstrous. 

Do not understand me wrong, I rally like the idea of using old ship for mobile base (imagine the fuel consumption, nothing scream more MadMax than this), but IMHO, some proportions should be kept. 

Aside from that, it is really great MOC. 

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Damn, you whipped this thing together in just two weeks!? While I dont doubt I would be albe to build something like this as well, it would take me a lot longer for sure. Amazing. Well done :thumbup:

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the size of the monster  truck must be of by a scale of at least two... But a truly amazing build! I can't believe how smooth this moves or how strong it is! For a model this size it's exceptional.

Very good work!



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