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[MOC] Commerce Guild Diamond-Class Cruiser

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Unlike the Trade Federation Coreships and the Techno Union Hardcell Transports, this ship was only seen in the far background on Geonosis. Nevertheless I think it deserves to be made as an official set before other Separatist ships get their third or fourth remake...


I included five minifigures: A Geonosis Battle Droid Pilot, a Super Battle Droid, Shu Mai of the Commerce Guild, Denaria Kee of the Corporate Alliance, and Quarren leader Tikkes.


Also includes a base to hold the ship in upright in launch position.


Unfortunately Shu Mai doesn't quite fit into her own ship, so I put a droid pilot in there.


A box with six projectiles for the stud shooters can be attached on the underside.

The model has 583 pieces.

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This looks great!  A very nice representation of this ship, love finally seeing someone make a model of it!

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