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[OL - FB] All in good Order! - Prelude

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Hello there, fellow BoBS'ers,

after a long time some content again from my side.


All in good Order! - Prelude



Pagoda by the Lake

Dramatis Personae:





Having His eyes and ears in virtually all parts of the world provide Him with information and reports on all matters fathomable, it's needless to say the increasing hostilities in the East haven't gone unnoticed by His Excellence the Lord Chancellor himself. Usually, the conflict between Carno and the Kingdom of the Lotus would be of very little interest to Calida as it didn't bother His interests or that of Oleon - of course in that order. However, some new development seems to have gotten His attention:


'So you are sure it has been found on that island?'
'Yes, Your Excellence.'
'Has it been opened yet?'
'Not according to my sources, no, Your Excellence.'
'It must be destroyed with no trace of its existence left behind!'
'Yes, Your Excellence. Undoubtedly, the Follower of Hades would dominate the Order if they learnt that we have discovered the Gate to the...'


'Not one word more! Even this place here has ears. You have your orders - make sure to see them through!'
'Yes, Your Excellence.'


'In the meantime, I will make sure you will have a war to cover your tracks.'




Just a little scene to kick-off a Calida focused story-line that will hopefully continue throughout my Challenge III entries.

What's to say about it? I reused an older MOC I made in LDD, and put some of's brick handling and rendering capabilities to use - cannot say I'm all a fan of, but it has it some advantages over LDD...


Thanks for watching,

C&C welcome :classic:


Vive le Roi!

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On 2/16/2020 at 12:39 AM, LM71Blackbird said:

he figures limbs posing is awesome as well, makes me feel like I seeing captures from a LEGO movie!

I had the same thought! Exciting beginning of a storyline

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I already commented about the magnificent hall/temple in past and I’m still impressed by what you built! Excellent rendering and minifig posing, but some details (the chandeliers for example) really stand out!

ps Really looking forward to seeing where will the plotting go! 

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