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Here is my entry for the Mad Max Contest.

My idea is a fast car to get in and out of dangerous areas. 


Current functions:

  • All wheel drive
  • 4 speed transmission
  • Central and rear differentials lock when in 1st gear
  • Independent suspension
  • Ackerman steering


I currently have 2 L motors mounted, but my goal is to use 6. I plan on having a winch on the rear that can double as a defense weapon with a large ball.


Side view with body outline:


Here is the rolling chassis with 2 wheels off. I still need to make the stepper for the transmission.



Front suspension detail:



Transmission underside, showing the central differential locker



More WIP pictures can be found at once moderated.


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I reworked the motor mounts and transmission to add 2 more L motors. This lengthened the chassis 2 studs. I finished the fake motor mounts on the front and added some gearing to connect a steering wheel to the servo.


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