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Porsche-rod, 42093-B mod

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Hi guys, i wanted to show you the result of an evening of messing around with the 42093-B hotrod.

I bought the set on a whim, and while at first i rather liked it, the mini-V8, and the poor details on the corvette really didnt sit well with me. The B-model is better, but still that mini-v8 remains, so i did the one thing any reasonable AFOL would do when faced with an orange technic car, take an example from 42056 and drop in a flat-6



As you can see, it features an air cooled porsche Flat-6 with individual throttle bodies/carbs and some very direct exhaust. The steering setup and overall length of the chassis is the same, the headlights stand further apart, and draw from the porsche/hotrod heritage with the round shapes. Personally im quite pleased with how well the Flat-6 fits in there, and how the details (ITBs, exhaust) ended up looking, the headlights and small panels also add a splash of orange around the front. The final change is some bigger rear wheels, both in terms of width and diameter, these 49.5x20 wheels look much better on the rear.

I might try and change the HOG steering to a wheel on top of the cab, where it should be.

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