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Here is what i've sent to Facebook France by mail (real mail as they have no email to contact them).



      A few days ago, on February 1st, I created a Facebook account in the name of Greg NineNineEight (Greg998). This account is used to distribute the photos of my lego creations, mainly cars. If all went well for the first few days, I started to quickly receive notifications that "my posts didn't meet community standards".
After consulting these so-called "community standards, I found nothing concerning the disapproval of lego, car or lego car content.
Then your law enforcement machine, artificial or not, got carried away and started to neutralize in a burst my lego car photos ... always under the same pretext of violation of "community standards".

Despite my "calls", I got no response. Proof that you are not up to par with regard to the "call" function. The only answer I got is the neutralization (or destruction?) Of my account today, Sunday February 09, 2020.


Whereas community standards have not been violated:

I urge you to give me an explanation as soon as possible regarding these sanctions, which are grotesque, arbitrary, overt and reprehensible injustice.

I also urge you to reactivate my account as soon as possible because it is obvious that no rule has been broken.

In the event that I do not obtain satisfaction of my requests, the matter will be put in the hands of a consumer association as soon as possible.

While waiting for your answer I hope VERY fast.


Grégory JAMES.


How ridiculous:

49512202652_a648bda67c_c.jpgHere is what is contrary to rules on facebook: lego cars....WTF? by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr

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The kind of b/uLl/shit you can find in all their "help" pages. Anyway, if Greg NineNineEight name was a problem, they just had to ask me to modify, not harass me to conclude by a cyber-murder.

I've tried to contact them by several ways: no answers, as if there was nobody in charge there. VKONTAKT doesn't piss me off this way, Zuckerberg with his chinese govt style methods do...

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I've seen this happen before with the name issue, and same thing: they locked the account and made the user do all the work to try to get it reactivated (and wouldn't budge on the name - they had to change it).  Good luck - I hope an actual human being over there gets your letter and is actually helpful!

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