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MOC: Archer Friends Army

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To meet the increased military threat from Fabuland, and with the situation in Lego City escalating quickly, Heartlake City has decided to purchase the Archer artillery system to increase the defence capability of the Friends Army forces.

"Nothing smells victory like burning white phosphorus stuck on the plastic of the enemy"
-General Emma



Archer the next-generation self-propelled gun, with barell exended to shell out peace and democracy.  


The "heart" of the system is a fully automated 115mm/L52 gun howitzer and a remote M151 Protector controlled weapon station (for any close encounters #metoo).
All mounted on a modified 6x6 chassis of the Volvoo  A30D, all-terrain articualated hauler painted in your favourite colour,



The hauler features big rear mirrors for those pesky parallel parking situations when you need to stop quick for a ice cold strawberry vanilla sparkle milkshake. (Warning: Burning cities in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.)


Archer with friends, A reloading vehicle to extend the fun and a M1 Abrams for company..

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