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as you maybe know from other threads I have decided to code an android app that can be used as an alternative to the original Lego app. The main reasons why I have done the project is the implementation of new features and a nice design as I am not a big fan of the design that Lego has provided with their Powered UP app. The app is now available at the Google Play Store. 

Features of my app:


-controlling one PU HUB with both A and B port at the same time

-reading the battery power of your HUB

-choosing custom sounds to play as simulation

-Volume button control(that means that you control your motors just by pressing the volume button on your phone)

-choosing color of the build-in RGB LED inside of your HUB

-renaming the HUB

-dark/white theme

-turning off HUB

Presentation video: 



Hope you will like it :wink:

P.S.: If you have ideas for new features than just write a post.


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