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[MOC - LDD) Bar

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Where do minifigures go after a hard day at work? Where do they go on the weekends? Where do the frat guys hang out when they're not at the house? Why they're all down at the bar on Brickth St, of course. Let's check it out!


Here's the bouncer. Looks like he's gotten into a scuffle recently. He performs ocular patdowns to see if the person wanting to get into the bar is cool.

The musician up onstage rocking out to his sole fan. There's some booze in the background; he plays for exposure and booze, you know.

Every bar has the guy in the Hawaiian shirt. If you don't kno who he is, you are him. In this scenario, the bartender is clearly not happy about this guy's drunkeness.

And of course there is the girl being hit on by the guy she absolutely does not want to be hit on.

Nothing wrong with jamming out, right?

To get to the second floor, you need to take the stairs out the back.

Posters on the walls. You can see the performer from up here.

Someone is very happy about seeing out the windows.

Trying to pick up girls.

Pull away the walls, and you can see the bathroom. Toilet taken from an ebay seller named onemorebrick, and the sink is from hessianizer on flickr, which was incredibly weird to do on LDD.

The roof and exterior/finishing.

Glad you made it this far. Enjoy and would love comments/criticism.

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