Help: Flex system cable repair/replacement

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Hi guys,

This week my boys had a special treat as we brought my old 8485 set out of the garage so they could build the T-rex. Everything is in surprisingly good condition, except for a couple of the flex system cables, which are a lot more brittle than they were 25 years ago and have not survived the building process. (These were always fairly weak parts, I know, but they are definitely worse than I remember!)

So the question is: has anyone discovered any way of mending them? Or replacing them in some way?

(I have ordered a couple of spares from bricklink, but I don't expect them to last particularly long either, as they are just as old...)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Josephiah, check out this topic. It seems that I have an open action point on me still:blush:, will have a look at it shortly and post some feedback.


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