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The Librarian

A sinister day at Oscorp

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Long time, no post . . . chiefly because I've not been able to photograph anything for at least a year. Luckily, I got some lights for Christmas so . . . here we go again.

I wanted to build a Spider-man diorama in the vein of my previous Doctor Who piece, encompassing various bits and pieces of the character's history. The obvious choice is the Daily Bugle, but I don't have quite the resources to do that justice, so instead I ran with some lettering inspiration and built a down-town branch of everyone's favourite shady industrial conglomerate, Oscorp. The results are as follows. I tried to cram in as many references as I could - outside of a few specific arcs, my Spidey love is largely focused on the adaptations, but I tend to soak up trivia like a sponge, so I hope I did things justice.













49445742122_328d62c7c8.jpg 49445741967_42ed3e3aef.jpg

There's lots more bits and pieces in the full gallery. I'll also try and get some pictures of the various minifgs taken to show off the designs a bit more.

Hope you enjoy!


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This is fantastic. I love the new & alternate characters you have there. Living Brain is a nice inclusion down there. 

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On 1/27/2020 at 8:23 PM, AManofNoConsequence said:

This is utterly spectacular!

On 2/9/2020 at 3:24 AM, steveholt said:

This is utterly Amazing

Thanks guys - though the bonus points would have been for working 'Spider-man Loves Mary-Jane' into your posts!

On 2/9/2020 at 7:52 PM, upliftingbricks said:

Incredible MOC! The Mysterio effect is brilliant, so simple but effective!

What is the scene with the blue spiderman chasing the Gold figure?

Thanks! That scene is the Steel Spider chasing the Molten Man chasing Hammerhead chasing the Looter. I'm going to post something below to let you see the figs better.

On 2/9/2020 at 8:31 PM, SpiderJazz said:

Wow! That's amazing! I love those villains build. Any chance you have instructions for those Vulture wings? :thumbup::thumbup:

I'll see what I can do - I think LDraw has all the parts . . .

On 2/10/2020 at 7:08 AM, Vindicare said:

This is fantastic. I love the new & alternate characters you have there. Living Brain is a nice inclusion down there. 

:) Give its prominence in recent years, it seemed a shame not to include it!

Here are some minifg-only pics to show off the different designs:


Madam Webb, Steel-spider, Spider-woman, Spidey, Gears, Miles, Cloak and Dagger, Spider-man 2099


Black Cat, Man-Wolf, Prowler, Molten Man, Rocket Racer, Beetle, Chameleon, Hammerhead


JJJ, Spider-Slayer, Spencer Smyth, The Living Brain, Tinkerer, Jackal, Morbius, The Looter, The Shocker


Vulture, Electro, Rhino, Doc Ock, Scoprion, Mysterio


Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Jack O'Lantern, Roderick Kingsley, Hobgoblin, Goblin 2099 (didn't make it into the build)

I used Hobgoblin in an earlier piece that I think I posted here already, but just in case:


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