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Shapeways - which Filament should i choose?

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I found this Internetsite called shapeways. They make 3d-printed objekts by the designs people upload. They have very nice custom parts but i am not sure that Filament would work best. I'd like to get headgear and weapons from them. I guess everything will work for the headgear but if the material is to soft/hard, it could become a problem with putting it in a minifigs hand... i'd be really gratefull, if anybody has experience with that site and can give me an advice.

With kind regards,


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I'm owning a lot of customs there and you can go with:

- smooth fine detail plastic
- white/black premium versatile plastic
- black/grey PA12
- white processed versatile plastic

all work with headgear and mostly also for weapons. For smaller details like weapons maybe "smooth fine detail" is the best choice.

The 3d printing process still show different results in surface (results are best in the list above in the sequence given) and also in some results caused by smoothing.

Nevertheless the results so far were reproducable (some 1000 prints)



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