[REVIEW] 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

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It had been a while since my 33rd review. Let's go into the most anticipated Endgame set in 2019.


Disclaimer: Only four infinity stones were provided in this set. I took the other two from 76131.


Name: 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue
Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame
Year: 2019
Pieces: 482
Minifigures: 4 minifigures 1 big fig.
Price: £54.99 / $59.99 / 59.99€




I bought this from my local Toys'Rus at RM299.90 as the sticker shows here. The scene in the box art sets in 2014 when the Chitauris attack Earth. They are fighting in the sky but I really don't remember any scene like this in the movie. Why is the moon there?


Here we have the play feature of the set where you can 'shoot' Hulk out of his carrier and round tile shooters at both sides of the helicopter. 


Side of the box showing 1:1 Black Widow in Quantum Suit. I thought we already have the exact same one in the other set?


Sticker sheet. The golds are quite majestic here and the rotors look nice too (I prefer them printed). Haha.

The Build



First, let's have a look at the villain's vehicles. Here we got a dragon with wings and teeth and an old ride with a slightly different design from the previous one.


They still preserve the trans purple bullets and I like the trans purple panel in front of the laughing Chitauri on the dragon. 


To my surprise, that glowing green console is a printed piece with alien words on it. I like the tapered design of its tail making it looks very detailed. The wings are also well decorated with those quarter-circle gold parts and that trans purple dish. 


The Chitauri can sit on the dragon while the other can't.


The dragon is really very well designed although it appeared dark dull grey in the movie. 


This is a comparison between the current design and the old one from 6865. They can still match each other with this dark tan and gold colour scheme!


The Helicopter. Nothing special from the front and the back here but the trans orange rotors are very nice here. 


That Avenger tile is printed and here you can see the tile shooter loaded with three trans orange round tiles inside. The cockpit has enough space to occupy one minifigure with ample arm room.


As a Hulk carrier, this Helicopter has a really large hollow space after releasing Hulk into the battlefield. I love the Caution sticker at the side warning you that something dangerous is inside the Helicopter. However, if you don't want to see the hollow space after Hulk left, you can swing the technic arm forward and make that Helicopter smaller and sturdier. I like it better this way. 


Loaded and unloaded view of the Helicopter from below. The trans orange 2x2 round reverse tile behind the main rotor at the top view picture is the 'button' to push Hulk out from the studs. 


If I have to choose between LEGO building and LEGO vehicle I will prefer the building but in this case, I am fond of the design of this Helicopter which is way better than other city Helicopters. 


Tada! The completed build. Trust me. They are gratifying.

The Minifigures



Newly designed Chitauris. There are two identical ones in this set. The torso print is nice with low cut armour showing the muscles. Head print is not bad with the gold rim helmet but why is it not continuous to the back of the head? Hmm...


Comparison with the previous FORGOTTEN exclusive Chitauris. They are heavily printed until the legs although I still couldn't understand the design as the new ones are more movie accurate. 


Why is she even here? I thought she went to Vormir with Hawkeye? 


New batons. Not bad but I still don't like her being here. That's the exact same minifigure from 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet.


Comparison with previous black widow minifigures. 


Finally an exclusive big fig. After so many repeated torso and legs of Quantum suits, this one looks very special and nice on a big fig. Nano Gauntlet!!! Read on. I have another picture on that.


Different versions of Hulk.


Do let us know whether you have this condition in your copy of Hulk.


Here we are. The Highlight of the set. NANO GAUNTLET!!! The red glove is very nice and it is PRINTED!!! The main excitement in the set is to collect all the stones and put them in the slots! Now we have left and right-handed infinity gauntlets!


Now we are talking. This is my favourite minifigure in the year 2019.  Pepper Potts in Rescue suit! As you can see in the back of the torso, this suit is actually Mark 49 specifically designed for Pepper. The little set back here is the enclosed helmet. However, the print on that purple helmet is impeccable! Torso and legs are fully printed with blue and silver on the purple minifigure. The orange hair is also an addition to the minifigure with two alternate facial expressions. The 'backpack' is quite heavy for her where she has to lean forward to stand on her own without any support. They are stickered but I'm not complaining. Favourite minifigure of year 2019. 




Oopss I forgot that green and purple stone is not in this set. The minifigures in the set. The pros outweigh the cons here, so I'm happy that I bought this set.


Please teach me how to shrink this gauntlet. 


Now I can snap and own ALL LEGO sets!


(Green and Purple stones are from 76131)

Review summary

Playability: 8/10 - Releasing Hulk, tile shooters and posing the dragon is quite fun for this set.
Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - The Helicopter and Dragon are very nicely designed.
Minifigures:  9/10 - Pepper's Rescue and that big fig in white is the main attraction here. Pepper saves the points here. 
Price / Value for money: 10/10 - Absolutely!
Overall: 9.25/10 - This is a great set with exclusive Pepper Rescue suit, red nano gauntlet, Hulk in Quantum suit and a nice Helicopter and Dragon. What are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading! I hope you like this review. Do share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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I appreciate the self-referencing joke with that 'fancy' title graphics :P I still think it would be better if you threw the legacy logos to the trash as a long overdue and started making some titles that look like something from at least the last decade, if not the present one :)

That aside, nice review :D I am absolutely not interested in the set and I still enjoyed reading through!

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As someone who doesn't care about Marvel at all, I see this as a very overpriced set with a cool helicopter, some throwaway side builds, and a bunch of minfigures I would never use.

The transparent orange pieces are great, and I also want that trans-purple book/HUD piece.

$60 for 482 pieces is pretty steep, especially when you only get one medium size build and two tiny side builds. Maybe that Hulk is a $15 piece, but for someone like me who detests large junior-ized figures, it's just a waste.

Edited by danth

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I agree on what most reviewers are saying about this set. And let's not forget the old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

For someone who has not cared about the majority of the Infinity War LEGO sets, this is a great way to catch-up with the Infinity Stones and get the Power Gauntlet which is the hallmark of this set, on top of the excellent minifigure Pepper Potts (Rescue).

The helicopter looks unusual and I would prefer if other named antagonist is added in the set instead of the generic Chitauris, even if they have a new print. Then again, I rather buy this than spend on City sets like  60209 Diamond Heist or 60227 Lunar Space Station... because I don't understand why those sets are priced that way in the first place.

Price/Value is always a subjective matter and while I understand how someone could rate this "perfect" (someone who loves Marvel), I also understand why some people will think it is overpriced (someone who don't care about Marvel). 



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I'm disappointed in the cointued use of the generic helmet. Putting IronMan side by side with her and her flat, generic helmet doesn't look right. It's like the quality of minifigures got to a peak and has been struggling to get up there again.

Then there's the two minion minifigures that literally look like nothing.

It's nice that you get the glove with all the gems though.

Edited by BrickG

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On 1/28/2020 at 7:33 PM, BrickG said:

I'm disappointed in the cointued use of the generic helmet. Putting IronMan side by side with her and her flat, generic helmet doesn't look right. It's like the quality of minifigures got to a peak and has been struggling to get up there again.

Then there's the two minion minifigures that literally look like nothing.

It's nice that you get the glove with all the gems though.

I prefer Pepper's helmet because the scale is so much better. It looks sleek and proportional compared to Iron Man's: I'm astounded... he looks like a bobblehead.

Edited by Captain America

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