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[MOC] Prototyp's Speed Champion Time Attacks roundup

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Yes, they’re eight-wides :) Eight wide in that these have big super-wide box-flare effect, blown out but still keeping in scale with their original six-wide Speed Champions references (and their four-wide cockpits.)

These are almost-entirely MOCs, however in the spirit of Time Attack super-mods I made a point to utilize one carry-over detail to tie them back to their source models. They are not alt-builds though, many parts are not found in their original sets... They all fit a minifig and carry as much greebly mechanical detail as possible under their bodywork.



Ferrari F40 FFS

The beautiful F40, here sliced and diced into Time Attack form with many Ferrari F1 references... Widened track and fenders float over a pared-down chassis featuring an extensive F1-derived front wing. A tall roof intake forces big cooling for the intercoolers, most of the rear bodywork is cleared away to flow to a huge rear wing hovering over an equally big diffuser. Side-panel SNOT build held over from the 75890 set.





Dodge Challenger Demon SRT ATTAK

If big is good, then bigger is better. The Demon’s massive Hemi v8 reworked and twin-turbocharged for time-attack abuse. The ATTAK may look like a gigantic brick, but the bodywork is hollowed out and the stripped-down chassis extended to make way for huge front and rear downforce. Lots of little details inside; red-block hemi engine, giant intercoolers, inboard pushrod rear suspension. Half-stud-offset roof borrowed from the 75893 set.





Porsche 911/08 RSR-K

BRSRK! A lean and mean approach to competitive power-to-weight ratio. All the mechanical cleverness is out on display on this one. Air-cooled, naturally-aspirated flat-8 is hung in a hybrid 911/tube-frame-and-monocoque chassis with entirely new suspension. Technic-beam headlights technique carried on from the 75895 set. 





Mini Cooper JCW TA/HC “SuperCooper”

The one that started it all… Looking at the bonkers Dakar Mini got me thinking that if the Dakar is essentially a mid-engined tube-framed buggy with a Mini-ish shell on top, then that same shell could just as well be dropped onto a road-course prototype chassis. So here we go. Turbo-inline-six aft, nose cut away to clear wings with wings surrounded by wings. No missing the rear vanes, diffuser and that giant biplane rear wing. So low, so fast… All the bodywork lifts off to display a compact, low-slung chassis.






These were a blast to design, are great fun to build and display. Will definitely be doing more. Instructions for all four are available at Rebrickable:


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Dude these are great. The F40 in particular is rad. 

Might look good with the sleeker SC windscreen ,this one is pretty vertical.

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The Porsche is a true masterpiece!
Absolutely love that you expose the mechanical features, the engine (what you can see) is very true to the original. The parts usage is just spot on!

Awesome build! :)

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